Avoid these Mistakes for a Successful Marketing Campaign

By Katie Marcus Published 12/31/1969 | Marketing
Mistakes are made every day. We are only human so we are bound to have errors in what we do. However, for businesses, mistakes can cause you to fail miserably.

Although everybody can have mistakes, as a business owner, you cannot afford to do so.

For any business, bad marketing is often caused by mistakes made time and again. Even if you have the most expensive printed catalogs or catalog printing designed by the top graphic designer in the market, if you keep on doing the errors, you will not be able to have an effective marketing campaign that can get you your clients.

Here then are some of the most common mistakes. If you are aware of the errors, you might be able to steer clear from them and have a better marketing campaign for your business.

1- Marketing just once.

This is very common. Marketers start a new marketing campaign, only to suddenly stop because it does not provide the outcome as expected. Then they start on another marketing strategy, hoping that this time it would work.

This strategy not only wastes your time, effort and money, but you also ignore one marketing principle - to market consistently. This means attracting the attention of your target clients not just once or twice or even three times. You need to be out there with the same marketing strategy at least 7 times before you can have the impact you want.

Your target audience needs to see you many times before your message can stick to their minds. Marketing just once and moving on to the next campaign only makes it difficult for your target clients to remember you. Bear in mind that there are also other ads competing for their attention. So the more they see you, the faster they will recognize your brand.

2- Marketing to everybody.

Another mistake made by marketers is to promote their business to everybody and then hoping to catch even a handful from those they send the ad to.

Trying to sell to everybody is a big marketing mistake because you are wasting more of your resources than necessary. Haven't you heard of targeting your audience? By having a target for your prospects, you are able to create a more customized campaign that would fit what your target clients are looking for. When you can provide them what they want, you are more likely to have a positive impact with your marketing collaterals such as your printed catalogs.

3- Just an additional expense.

If you still have not accepted that marketing is a necessity rather than a luxury for your business, then you will always make mistakes for your business.

Treating marketing as an extra expense will only make you provide your target clients with mediocre ads that will not get you results. Consumers are very meticulous lots so it would do you well to get them to see how you care for them by giving them quality and well-planned campaigns that they would appreciate.

4- It is all about you.

Get off your high horses and stop believing that marketing your business should be all about YOU. You have to accept from the very start that your target clients are the stars of your marketing campaign. If you want to generate leads then you should give them what they want. Nobody cares about what you want. Your prospects and clients only care about what they can get for benefits from your business.

Katie Marcus writes about the printed catalogs or catalog printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.