The Silver Cloud.

By jane baron Published 09/24/2009 | Shopping
The Silver Cloud is one of CrocsRx Medical shoes designed specifically for the diabetic foot.  It is also a potentially good shoe for people suffering from bunions, hammertoe, mallet toe, overlapping, toes, underlapping toes, and plantar fasciitis.  

Like most Crocs, the Silver Cloud offers a large forefoot that protects your toes without adding unnecessary bulk.  This roomy toe box eliminates points of pressure or friction that can lead to foot deformities and injuries such as corns, calluses and blisters.  The Silver Cloud is designed with a protective toe cap that protects the foot from toe stubbing or other injuries.  Just behind the protective toe cap is a series of holes that promote ventilation in the forefront of the foot.  This air circulation allows sweat to evaporate quickly and promotes a dry environment in the forefoot of the shoe that protects against fungal and bacterial infections.  

The foot bed is designed to be soft and extra supportive.  The “circulation nubs” that line the bottom of Crocs have been reduced so as to not irritate sensitive feet.  The heel cup is slightly raised to provide additional shock absorption and to protect against bruising.  (This feature is especially helpful for those people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.)  The foot bed is designed with arch support.

The sole of the shoe is slip resistant and resists picking up debris, which can throw off a person’s balance.  The interior of the shoe is seamless.  Unlike a leather or cloth shoe, the interior of a Croc is less likely to rub against and irritate the delicate skin of the feet.  

On top of all of these structural features, the CrocsRx Silver Cloud is made with Croslite Ag+ particles.  Infusing silver particles into the material creates an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal environment (silver has anti-microbial properties).  This helps to prevent fungal and bacterial infections from developing or spreading.  

CrocsRx Silver Cloud can be worn with or without socks.  It comes in fives sizes for men and women.  Men: small (4-5), medium (6-7), large (8-9), extra large (10-11) and extra-extra large (12-13).  Women: extra small (4-5), small (6-7), medium (8-9), large (10-11) and extra large (12-13).   

If you think CrocsRx Silver Cloud may be right for your medical condition, speak with your podiatrist.  CrocsRx also offers several other versions of diabetes-friendly shoes, such as the Silver Fox (designed in a classic Mary Jane style) and Cloud (similar to the Silver Cloud but without the Croslite Ag+ particles) that may serve your needs better.