How do domain names exactly work?

By Brown Articles Published 09/25/2009 | Domain Name

Once you have chosen your domain name, all your details, which include your name, company name, address, phone number and any other additional information you have registered are recorded in a data base together with the domain name you have chosen. With this information other data is recorded including the date on which you purchased or registered your account on.

Most companies who sell or offer domain names will also assure you own the right of use for that name for a period that may vary from one year to ten years. In all cases before you registered with a determined company make sure you read the small print carefully.

Once you have registered your name, the location of your web site along with your e-mail address are sent to 'domain name servers' throughout the world. This may take up to twenty four hours before being finalized.

As computers us IP addresses to locate data on the Internet, your domain name will automatically be what you may consider as a substitute for an IP address. Both the information regarding your domain name and your IP address is stored in these name servers. In turn for registering with these name servers, these companies are responsible for keeping the master record of all information associated with determined up-to-date.

The record associated with a certain domain name requires two name servers: a primary name server, also known as DNS (domain name server for short) and a secondary name server.

You may choose amongst thousands of name servers, there are thousands throughout the Internet and all of these will pass on your data regarding the IP address and website location on to the primary name server, who will then, in turn locate your website on the net and identify it instantly.

In conclusion, you can choose any company that offers domain names and which suits your needs, for they are all connected to the primary name server whatever the cost of your particular domain name. What we are saying is that in general they are all reliable and that whatever the cost they will actually be offering the same kind of service.

Options, which may be different can be the period you may hold the name for, the extension options, you may prefer a .com on of the most common or .org, in that case you will normally have to pay a fee for those. However there are many companies that offer domain names services free of charge.