How do you create a memorable domain name

By Brown Articles Published 09/25/2009 | Domain Name

To start with the first problem you will be faced with when choosing a domain name, is that you'll find most dot com names seem to be taken already!

When choosing a domain name you will have to think up various alternatives, especially ones that are easy to remember. So how does one choose a great name that is available?

First of all try a spelling variation, for example if your business name is Books Galore and when you search for you find it's not available, try a variation such as You may substitute a single letter and spell 'tru' instead of 'true' or 'craftz' instead of 'crafts', by doing so you may still be able to choose just the name you wanted with a dot com extension.

Try using rhymes, by doing so you may come up with a memorable domain name, easy to remember and catchy at the same time. So try jotting down names that rhyme with your business name and check to see if these names have already been taken. You may also try and look for synonyms, antonyms, homophones etc.

You can also opt for alliteration, which is a stylistic device or literary technique where successive words begin with the same consonant sound or letter. For example take the classic examples of or You can for example if you have an on-line book website choose or which will definitely sound better than Have you noticed how catchy it is as well as being easier to remember.

You can of course choose to use adverbs or adjectives, in fact these are perfect for describing your website. Say you're still looking for a good name to give your on-line book website, try going for or or even, these kind of domain names will describe the kind of books you're offering.

You may also like to play on words, make them up, they must of course be relative to your business or product. For example you can add 'aholic' or 'topia' transforming your domain name in '' or '', I'm sure you can find many others, these are just two suggestions for you to get started.

Another good trick is to add places or locations. Try adding 'shop', 'corner', 'planet' or 'site' to your name, add combinations to form your name, there really are endless possibilities you can try.

If you really cannot find a good one you can of course pay for one using a domain name auction service. But with some good research work you will surely find the right domain name for you.