What is a domain name and how important is it really?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 09/25/2009 | Domain Name

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if a specific domain name really matters? In short what really matters is that the service or product you are offering will add more credibility to your company or small business.

With a domain name your company will look more professional, especially if it has a URL with a direct and easy to remember name. Make sure you do not use generic names for they do not inspire confidence with any future customers. It is essential you inspire trust and professionalism, for many people surfing on the net do not trust e-commerce from the start.

Having a domain name proves you are a forward-thinking professional, that you are part of the Internet Revolution and that you are up-to-date with the new technologies and trends. This will definitely push you ahead of your competitors and give you a high level of credibility.

Choosing a good domain name will attract potential business, especially if you choose one that matches the concept of your business or service. It is probably better to opt for this kind rather than the name of your company, for people will most likely land on your website with keywords matching your kind of product or service, after all if they don't know you yet they won't know your name will they?

Possessing a domain name will help you establish your business and help people get to know you and return to your web site. A good domain name will result in more customers and better sales.

At times choosing domain names can be puzzling, for what really matters in fact is that the service or product you are proposing is good. At times a really catchy name can do wonders for attracting traffic to your website. Just think of the millions of people using 'flickr' which in fact has no relation with the keywords 'photosharing', which is a more generic and direct words implying a stronger traffic. But yet 'flickr' has become the most popular website for photo sharing.

So you see, at times choosing domain names is not a logical process at all. What you must be aiming at is providing an original and professional service or product, which will draw traffic precisely because it's good. Often a catch domain name will also do the trick, a name that will remain etched in people's minds, who will in turn pass it on to others.