Which domain name should one choose

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 09/25/2009 | Domain Name

If you want to be sure your business be it on line or not is successful you should definitely opt for a good domain name. But which one should you be choosing? Before you decide there are a few important points you should take into consideration.

Whatever the service or product you are offering on your website is, the .com extension will still be the most popular one on the net. If you really cannot find a suitable name with this extension, then you can try going for other top-level domains, such as .org, .net or .biz.

Keep your domain name simple and easy to be remembered. If it's short then all the better, I'm sure most of us would tire of having to sit down and type a domain name with more than 60 characters. Your domain name must be short and easy to spell.

Another trick is to make it attention-grabbing, especially if you already have an established business and you are well known, choose a domain that matches your company for your customer's to be able to find you easily and at once. It may also be a good idea to register more than one domain name for example if your business is called The Corner Book shop you may try choosing a domain name which includes your company name, such as 'cornerbookshop.com' and 'booksforall.com'. By doing so you will be covering a wider keywords research field, thus driving more traffic to your website.

Try and sit down and write a list of potential domain names, search for variations or try adding hyphens. This must be done before hand so that when you register for a domain name and you find someone else has already chosen that particular one, then you can always opt for the next one you have written down. Sometimes others can give you the best ideas, so take time to ask friends or family members or even co-workers, more often you will find they come up with better ideas than yourself.

It is really a good idea to get more than one domain name going for yourself for apart from the fact that you will be driving more traffic to one single website, you will also keep others from using similar names, thus driving traffic away from you.

Another important consideration is to search properly before you opt for multiple domain names, for unless this is done the right, search engines may actually penalize you. Before you start get acquainted with the search engine approved techniques.

Whatever you do remember that your domain name is the first thing your potential clients will see when looking for your website, so the easier it is to remember the more your domain name will be worth.