Things You Should Know About Online Education Accreditations

By Michelle L Published 09/25/2009 | Education

Online education is the kind of education that has been made possible by the new technology. People opt for this kind of learning because they do not have to go to the campus to attend the classes. All the classes are conducted online and it is not necessary for you to attend the classes at a fixed time everyday. However, it is essential that you complete the required number of hours that is necessary for the course. If you look at the programs offered by the online institutions, you will find that each and every one of the institutions will claim that they are accredited universities or colleges.

 However, this is not enough because you can not blindly believe what they tell you. It should be your main priority to first find out whether the online college or university that you intend to go to is nationally or regionally accredited. The highest level of accreditation that a university or college can receive is the regional accreditation. I do not know whether you are aware or not but all the branches of the University of California are regionally recognized. For instance, if you have done a diploma course from a regionally accredited college or university and you wish to do an advanced course in a university or college then you can transfer the online course credit to the university or college that you intend to go to. By transferring the course credit, you will not have to waste your time and money to take the course from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you have done a Bachelorís degree from a nationally accredited university but you wish to do a Masterís degree from a regionally accredited university then you will not qualify for the Masterís course because the credits can not be transferred from a nationally accredited university to a regionally accredited one. If you want to know whether a diploma is valid in the eyes of an employer then it has been found that most of the employers do not care whether you have a nationally accredited diploma or regionally accredited one as long as the diploma is accredited.

You can find out whether the program that you are planning to do is nationally or regionally accredited by checking out the website of the college or university that is offering the program. I would advise you to choose an online course from a college or university that is popular.