The advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

By Brown Articles Published 10/1/2009 | ECommerce
E-commerce is a great way to create your business from home and be your own boss, although there are a number of disadvantages to take into consideration and not only advantages. The first obvious advantage is that you are the only one planning your schedule, you can work all through the week at your own time and your storefront does not have to be physically opened for people to be able to access it and buy products on your website. You can communicate and do business with anyone in the world through the Internet, you are not charged for the distance and can choose your suppliers at your whim. The time lapse is also crucial, you no longer have to wait week on end to receive a catalogue, suppliers send those instantly via the Internet. Many people use e-commerce to buy their products, as they can shop around over the net and compare prices and quality. For anyone creating their own business, prices will also be far more attractive as one can bypass the wholesaler and purchase products directly from the manufacturers. Customers can access your business website at any hour and provide the information you will be needing for delivery and other transaction data. It is the customer himself who will be entering this data, therefore cutting down costs of any staff you would generally be needing in a classic commerce. Some disadvantages to consider are for example the delivery time. When buying at a regular shop, one simply walks out with the product they wish for in hand, e-commerce has a time of delivery lapse, which some may not appreciate. There is also the uncertainty factor, once they have bought the product people might wonder whether or not it will arrive on the promised date, or whether it will arrive at all! Obviously you cannot deal with perishable goods, you will therefore be limited to a certain area of products. Through the Internet people can view products through photos or can get more information through any comments people have left on that product, but they will be lacking in sensory information. Obviously you cannot feel or smell a product over the Internet you can only get a general idea, and not all of us feel comfortable with this missing element. The human contact is also something that will be missing, someone who can provide valuable advice and help you choose. Although most websites provide customer feedback, this is still not comparable with human inter-reaction.