The different types of e-commerce available

By Brown Articles Published 10/1/2009 | ECommerce

E-commerce can come in different types over the Web, although one can consider that there are three main types that are amongst the most common. The most commonly used today are Traditional Commerce, Electronic Commerce and International Electronic Commerce.

        When you sell a product on-line your work is not finished once your clients receive your merchandise. You have to work at keeping these products interesting even after sale by promoting them on your website.

        So how is one to know what products interest people nowadays? This is where Traditional Commerce comes in, for it identifies peoples specific needs and what they are looking for. Companies hire specialized people who carry out market research amongst the people who live in the city, in specific areas. They investigate ways of making life easier for people in their everyday lives and worries. Once they have collected this data they pass it on to the company, who in turns produces any product, which can help for those specific needs.

        Once the popular product has been determined then it is launched over the Web, this is where on-line e-commerce comes in promote the products. Once you have determined which category or niche you are aiming at you can promote your product on your website by giving useful tips and keeping to that specific area of products, straying from similar products can be damaging to your business, for they must be related if you want to keep your customers interested.

        Another type of e-commerce is the International Electronic Commerce, this is when people from all over the world, be it Africa, China, Asia or Europe are involved with selling or buying products on-line. Business transactions with other countries besides the United States therefore involve International exchanges and can at times be more complicated to cope with and keep under check.

        The obvious problems you may be confronted with are the currency exchanges, tariffs and import and export restrictions. The political structures of various countries are not as fast moving as the Internet services and can at times be rather time-consuming and restrictive for any on-line commerce.

        Before you do decide to start an International e-commerce business, check carefully on the restrictions and organize a valid currency exchange program in order to keep up with the changing values.

        Whatever type you choose, it can be time consuming and needs dedication.