Essential features you should include in your e-commerce website

By Brown Articles Published 10/1/2009 | ECommerce
Nowadays if you want to design or set up your own business website things have definitely become easier than in the past. At times designing an effective website can be quite a challenge, for the structure and design are probably the most crucial elements in a website. So if you are planning to build your own website keep the following elements in mind:

Your website must be compatible with cross browsing, that is for those using different search engine types including Safari 2, IE 6, FF 2, Opera 9 amongst others, for these have also begun to get a strong foothold in the market. You must make sure your website works for every one of them.

If your website is cross browser compatible then it will show up clearly to search engines, you will therefore need a program to check your website browser and version compatibility.

It is essential your website loads quickly, for people will probably not wait if it's too slow. If they are waiting just to take a look at your site, they'll probably wonder if the delivery time is just as long! A study has actually proven that if your site takes longer than 10 seconds to load, people will simply click off.

To avoid this problem do not use too many graphics, use simple designs and maximize your content area, this will enable you to have a website that loads quickly.

Try and avoid pop-ups if you can help it, you may think that ads will bring in good revenue, but in fact they will be your major problem. If your website does not need them to live on do not use them, people find they are a nuisance and very intrusive.

Make sure you take the user-friendliness factor into consideration, someone visiting your website may not deem in necessary to have fantastic graphics if your website is not practical to scroll through. You may think it looks good but your visitors may prefer a useful, fast and reliable website through which to scroll through.

Make sure it is easy to navigate through, the homepage message most be essential and always create a site map, these are essential for people to find what they need quickly without having to go through the entire website.

Keep a 'Search' Feature on every page of the website and a FAQ page, for may of your potential clients may have some questions to ask, and the FAQ page is really useful, for they can get their answers quickly and easily.

The last fundamental issue is your contact details, always place them in your website, for they give credibility and inspire confidence to your future customers.