How To Identify Fake Coach Bags?

By Michelle L Published 10/10/2009 | Fashion

Coach is a well-known brand and it is very famous, especially among the female shoppers. You must be aware that many stores sell fake coach purses and bags. In order to ensure that you are not getting a fake bag when you are actually paying a huge amount for it, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for coach bags. Given below are some tips that will help you identify a fake coach bag from the real one.

  1. If you are out shopping for a coach bag, you should first look at the C pattern on the outside of the bag. Once you have checked out the pattern on the outside, you should then look inside the bag to see the same. Coach bags generally do not have this signature inside the bag. Signature linings are used only when the bags have exteriors with solid colors.
  2. Make sure that you check all the ĎCí logos on the outside of the bag carefully. These should be even, particularly at the seams. You should look for the C logos that have been cut off in the seams or edges. Usually, Coach does not use a logo that has been partially sewn in to the seam. The C logos on the edges of the bag are always whole.
  3. Now you should look at the stitching of the bag. The stitching should have a consistent double thickness. If the bag that you are looking at has inconsistent stitching, single thread or thin thread then it is not the real Coach bag.
  4. Generally, all the coach bags are sold in the market with lining. The only exception to this is Coach Classic that does not have a lining. The fake bags do not have a lining because thatís one of the ways to cut cost at the time of making the fake coach bags.
  5. Now you should look at the zipper of the bag. It is the habit of this designer brand to use leather zippers. If the bag that you are seeing does not have a leather zipper then it is a sure sign that it is not the real Coach bag.
  6. One more point that you should keep in mind when you are checking out the zipper of the bag is the letters on the zipper. Always remember that Coach makes use of zippers from YKK only.