The best way to teach your child to count

By Brown Articles Published 10/13/2009 | Education

The first steps to counting are important for a children in the early stages of their lives, if you can help them enjoy this period right from the start, this will help them immensely as they grow and start their first mathematics exercises.

If you start teaching your children to count at home and assist them in developing their counting skills, they will enjoy this time you spend with them and have a positive approach to mathematics in the future.

            Some parents find that their children are not receptive to their teaching techniques or do not understand the lesson as they should be. This is probably because the activity they propose is not amusing them enough. Children need to have fun if you want them to be receptive, otherwise they simply wont follow!

            Children work best when theyre having fun or playing, this is why at school the teaching of mathematics is weak; the children are bored! At school children often have to fill out worksheets and textbooks exercises passively, without taking time to discover and work through what they are actually doing. This is why often there is a lack of comprehension, which in turn leads to poor preparation to maths at a university level.

            Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the level of math teaching is so poor? At times the very teachers do not understand maths that well either, this is why they rely on textbooks. Maths is not simply memorizing, it is more than calculation rules and basic facts. Mathematics can also be discovered through real life experiences and not only at the childrens school desks. Children easily fall behind if they dont understand the basics, it is therefore important to assess them regularly to make sure they are mastering what they have been taught and are using it appropriately.

            School at home can be fun as well as maths. You can find thousands of games that teach math skills, such as chess, cards, Monopoly, to name a few. Bingo cards are great for small children; they can recognize the numbers, colours and shapes. All games that use board or dice will help children learn to count.

            Computer games are also a great way to teach children the basic math facts and concepts and are exciting and amusing. Try to encourage your children to use a computer with the appropriate game that will teach them the basic math concepts while having fun. There are CD programs that teach all math subjects, such as fractions, calculation and other math subjects, by using fantastic visual effects. This method of learning will help your children learn and assimilate even the most difficult of math topics. Once youve found a program be it on-line or on CD, that amuses your child the most, then he or she can use it indefinitely, until that subject is assimilated properly.