How to teach your child a foreign language

By Brown Articles Published 10/13/2009 | Education
Young children have an impressive rate of learning. If exposed regularly to a foreign language at an early age, children will easily pick it up without effort. This can also be done regardless whether the children's parents speak the language or not, in different ways.

You can either have your children taken care of by a foreign babysitter, and have this person speak in the foreign language to your child regularly, or send your children to daycares and preschools that speak that particular language. The earlier the children are exposed to the language, the easier it will be for them to pick it up.

You can also use language books and books with audio CD narration. There are many famous characters used in these books, which children greatly appreciate. Audio CD are a great advantage for those parents who are not familiar with the language they are trying to teach their child. Pronunciation is no longer a problem and children will be learning fast while enjoying themselves.

Nowadays there are many books that come with CDs that narrate the story for you. While listening to them you can also share the language experience with your child and learn the pronunciation for yourself as you read along with them.

DVDs are also a great solution, for children always enjoy videos. The advantage of DVDs is that often they can be viewed in different languages. If your children first view the video in their own language then in the language you are trying to teach them, they will be able to follow all the more easily.

Cable television services offer television programs in various languages, where children can follow other countries' cultures and shows, simply choose the ones in the language you want them to follow.

There is plenty of material you can purchase on-line in foreign languages, nowadays you don't have to go to that particular country to purchase DVDs, CDs or books. The beauty of Internet is that you can find anything you want at excellent prices. Children have a great advantage these days, for they can learn easily while enjoying what they are doing. Don't miss this chance if you can, a second language will be very useful once they are seeking jobs in adulthood.