Designer Vintage Purses: Feel Special

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/13/2009 | Fashion

Dressing up for some occasion or a party is a grand affair for any women. Thus, selecting the apt attire, the choicest accessories, jewelries, footwear and purse is definitely important for her. It is a well known fact that a woman is incomplete without her purse. A thing of necessity which she requires at the very moment she steps out of the house, a bag or a purse makes a style statement for a woman. The type and make of bag she carries at her workplace or at any occasion tells a lot about her. For example, jhola bags or beaded bags are the companions of college going students. The more sophisticated leather bags or purses are suitable for working ladies and homemakers and for parties; nothing surpasses the beauty and sophistication of clutch bags, silk bags and most popular designer vintage purses.

With new trends in fashion and jewelry, designer bags have also emerged big in the modern lifestyle of the new age woman. Bags or purses are important for a woman in the sense that apart from helping them to carry conveniently their things of necessities they compliment her entire dress. Whether it is a traditional saree that you are wearing or a nice cotton salwar kameez, if you do not have a fashionable tote bag or a trendy hobo bag to go with it, you can be sure that your entire ensemble is ruined. Perfect matching of the dress and the purse you are carrying is the success behind proper dressing style. This is the reason why women spend some extra bucks over the perfect bag. At the same time, bag designers have also come up with innovative ideas thus breaking the monotony of same old leather bags to be carried everywhere.

Bags nowadays come in every shape and size ranging from big carry bags to chic messenger bags and trendy bucket bags. Even carrying your phones in embroidered and ornamented mobile pouches is in vogue. However, what carry a different classiness is the designer vintage purses. Coming in various colors, designs and materials, designer vintage purses are in the market to make you feel special. It definitely makes for a must have item in your closet apart from the hoard of fashion Indian bags that fill up the racks in your cupboard. Nothing comes close to a perfectly designed vintage purse. The very tag vintage attached to it makes it stand out. It might make for a very costly buy but a true designer vintage purse will not make you regret your choice. Vintage purses are sleek and no doubt stylish. The smooth silk material worked upon by needle work, embroidery with multi colored threads, the floral patterns, the color combinations, the beaded work, the detailing and a polish to finish it off makes it in one word outstanding and worth a million bucks. If you are the owner of a say for example a Turquoise blue vintage purse with peacock feather depicted on it or a wine pink vintage purse with floral motif, you must be nothing less than proud.

So, when it comes to show the world that you are a classy dresser, do it in style with a designer vintage purse. Not only an item which you can buy to satisfy your fetish for fashionable Indian bags but designer vintage purses make for a perfect presentation to be gifted to someone. But finding authentic designer vintage purses can be an issue. For this, the online shops dealing in Indian handbags can be a great place to search. Not only they have an extensive collection of the latest range and a good color palette to choose from, the prices they offer are quite rewarding.

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