Why G.E.D has become so popular as opposed to classical schooling

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/15/2009 | Education

Recent statistics have shown an increase in the rate of students who are leaving high school for other options.
This is not simply because they are dropping out of high school, these students are in no way sitting playing video games, sleeping all day, or partying all night. These kids are moving on from high school to get their diplomas faster. They are moving into military services, early college, and internships. Some teens are moving in to the family business. They are moving fast. They are tired of waiting or studying classical subjects; they wish to attain technical or specific qualifications faster.

This is probably the on start of a new trend. Teenagers have multiple reasons for skipping lessons, amongst which are: lack of interest in academics, they find themselves too behind to catch up, they are tired of repeated tests and also worried about the violence around them.

Teenagers find that sitting in a classroom all day long is a waste of time, they are eager to move on and take definite steps toward their future careers. In two years they could either still be sitting in a classroom, halfway finished with college, or already in a career path.

This attitude cannot be condemned when seen from their viewpoint. Opting for a G.E.D. does not sound that bad when all this points are considered. Students can then move on into something that interests them more. This proves they are motivated and not that they cannot bother to study. Those teenagers that cannot find their place in school should be let free to move on and his or her choice trusted by their parents.

For those teenagers who are eager to move on, there are numerous programs they can follow, which may reflect their interests. All teenagers from the age of sixteen are eligible and these programs often last around five to six months. During this period they may learn new skills, earn a high school diploma, and prepare themselves for the real world. These programs help place them into careers, and colleges. It is truly a wonderful opportunity for teens. Most programs like these are strictly for teens with behavior, drug, alcohol or school problems and not only help them with their diplomas, but also to re-integrate a normal way of life.
No one can tell you what is right or wrong for you and your children. You have to establish that for yourselves. I do believe that if you have intelligent, responsible teens, listen to them. Research their decisions before you dismiss them.