Organising a Baby Shower in the Workplace

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/18/2006 | Social Issues
Showering parents with gifts and support recognizes the arrival of a new baby as a reason for happiness and celebration. As parents-to-be can have more than one baby shower, planning a baby shower in the workplace is an alternative to the traditional baby shower parties.

There are good reasons to have a workplace baby shower. Businesses of today are quite often demanding and celebrations of any kind are a welcome morale lifting experience that will lighten and brighten any work environment. In large organizations, arranging a baby shower can reduce the necessity to choose which co-workers to invite to a baby shower planned outside of business hours.


In a work place environment the invitations to a baby shower is actually quite simple to organize. E-mails, memos or even a notice board announcement will work fine to inform every one of the happy occasion, what activities will be planned and when and where the event will be held.


Most companies will have someone available who will have the organizational abilities to plan the baby shower. Quite often the tasks involved can be shared with a co-coordinator between different units so everyone has the opportunity to participate. There may also be the need to contact the family to let them know what is planned to eliminate scheduling conflicts of other baby showers that could be in the pipeline. Arrange transport for the mother-to-be and all the goodies if necessary.

When to Hold the Baby Shower

Most showers are organized before the birth of the baby. A baby shower in the workplace is probably the one time a surprise shower will work. Put aside a place or room that everyone can take his or her gifts. Everyone will be able to see what has been bought so there won't be duplication. Co-workers can gift share, for example one can buy a toilet bag and another can buy the toiletries. Or just do one major collection and buy gift vouchers. In this way both parents get to choose the gift.

A workplace shower is possible for either parent. If the mother is the co-worker combining the gift presentations with her last day of work could be an option and invite the father, or arrange an appropriate time for the mother to be present if the father is the co-worker. It could even be more convenient to arrange the shower some months ahead of the birth so the parents are able to see what they received and what they will need to purchase.

Arranging Refreshments

In New Zealand, it is quite often a money saving expense to arrange a shared lunch or tea. That is everyone attending will bring a plate. This could be a plate of sandwiches, a packet of biscuits from the supermarket or even large bottles of drinks. Of course there is usually too much food but more is better than less. These shared meals are well co-coordinated so there is a wide variety of food and drink available.

For a work place baby shower it is an optional decision as to whether or not the givers of the gifts are known. While this may seem unconventional, gifts in this manner are given under the auspices of the company, during company time. However, an individual is welcome to attach a card to their gift. Another break from tradition is the gifts are not wrapped and are displayed for everyone to see.

While there may not be the chance to arrange fun and games at a baby shower planned in a work place environment, or even have a theme or decorate madly, there is the opportunity for all co-workers to give their best wishes to the parents and share in a joyous celebration that is the birth of a new life.