Starting With Yoga

By Michelle L Published 10/17/2009 | Fitness

I am sure you must have heard about the benefits of yoga. Now the question is: How do you choose which poses or yoga you should do? After all, there are so many yoga postures so which ones you should perform? Irrespective of the yoga postures you perform, you need to first determine how good in shape you are physically and what you are expecting to gain spiritually. I donít know whether you are aware or not but there are certain yoga postures that are very challenging physically and it is not possible for everyone to perform these postures.

If you have never done strenuous exercises before then I would advise you not to join advanced classes because you will be under a lot of pressure. Before you do power yoga, it is important that you have trained yourself in less strenuous yoga. You should move your way up to extreme yoga gradually.

Are you new to yoga? If you are then maybe it would be better if you started with yoga classes for beginners. The yoga classes for beginners are less strenuous and the poses are easy to perform too. This kind of yoga class is often referred to as restorative yoga classes because they are good for emotional as well as physical rejuvenation. Of course, there are other yoga poses that are meant to energize not just the spirit but also the mind.

Basically, you will learn how to breathe properly in yoga classes. Yoga also involves movements that are repetitive and powerful in nature. An example of this kind of yoga is Kundalini yoga and it focuses on the pineal glands and pituitary glands. The overall health of a person is enhanced when he or she undertakes this kind of yoga. In case you are suffering from depression and you would like to fight this disorder through yoga then the best class for you should consist of exercises that include meditation. Many experts believe that meditation is a great way to improve the emotions of a person.

As there are different kinds of yoga, it would be best if you try and include different yoga styles in to your routine as this would be perfect for you. There are some people who think that they will see immediate improvement in their health once they start performing yoga. However, it is not possible to see positive results instantly because you have to be consistent to be successful. With yoga, it will be able to change your life for the better.