Yoga For Beginners

By Michelle L Published 10/17/2009 | Fitness

Yoga is the kind of exercise that beginners as well as experienced people find to be challenging. Many people often feel that the postures are easy to perform but when you actually try these postures, you will realize how difficult they are. As a beginner, you should know that the yoga postures should be performed slowly and steadily so that so that they will not cause any pain. After some time, you will be able to perform the postures without any discomfort. In this article, you will find valuable tips that will help you when you are starting with yoga.

The first thing you need to do is to look for a place in your home that is peaceful and quiet. This is the place where you can perform the yoga postures in peace. You also have to make sure that the clothes that you are wearing are comfortable as this will allow you to stretch optimally. You also must have heard about a yoga mat so you need to buy one that is skid free and thick. It should also be big enough. There are many people who are of the opinion that aromatherapy can help them relax so you can think about getting some scented candles in the room to help you relax. If you are not comfortable performing yoga in bright light then you can turn down the lights. Playing calm music in the background is also of great help when you are performing this kind of exercise. You can play the earth sounds when you are doing this form of exercise. An example of earth sounds is ocean.

You need to keep in mind that yoga is not just a form of exercise, but it is also an experience. There are some people who are not medically for to perform yoga so it would be best if you talk to your physician before you start. You can start off with doing yoga for about twenty minutes and then you can increase the time frame gradually. When it comes to yoga, the way you breathe is considered to be of utmost importance. It is vital that you take deep breaths when you are performing the postures. Breathing the right way will calm your body and it will allow your body to focus on the postures that you are doing.

There are basically two types of yoga. The first type is where you will have to change positions after every few seconds. The second type of yoga is one where you will have to perform a particular pose and hold that pose for sometime. If you are a beginner then I would advise you to start with the second type of yoga.