How unsatisfied marriages may damage your heart

By Brown Articles Published 10/18/2009 | Fitness

According to a recent study, cardiovascular damage in couples with dissatisfied marriages may cause more damage in women than in men.

Although both individuals in a couple who are constantly arguing and upsetting each other undergo equal sentimental stress, it is women who have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, which comes under the definition of metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome will increase the probability of heart disorders, diabetes and strokes, more so in women than in men. The study found a definite link to the negative atmosphere in unsuccessful marriages, which leads to depression in relation with metabolism syndrome.

This study included couple who had been married for an average of 27 years and who were around the age of 54. Issues such as arguing, disagreements on everyday family problems such as kids, money, sex and family relations were covered, as well as other more positive aspects of marriage including sharing, love and mutual assistance.

The results showed that most of the couples were happy together, but a small percentage did show symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Although men became just as depressed due to marriage disputes and worries, only women were associated with the connection between depression and metabolic syndrome.

These results could be related to the fact that women ponder over the depressing aspects of marriage longer than men do, thus incur in a higher risk of developing heart disease.

These results could help better understand how our state of mind influences the biological process and develops in to metabolic syndrome, although further research is needed to confirm these initial findings.

Now taking all these results into consideration, we realize how it is important to be happy with your relationship. Not only are our hearts as in emotion at risk, but also our cardiovascular system. It is therefore essential to find a person with which you can talk and share all worries or concerns you may have, be it with the outside world and your relationships environment.