How to keep your skin fit and young looking

By Brown Articles Published 10/18/2009 | Fitness

The way your skin looks as you age is determined by various factors. Primarily there will be a genetic element, which will influence your skin, and then other external elements can age skin and increase wrinkles, such as smoking and drinking. Your eating habits will also affect the way your skin looks, the healthier the foods you consume are the healthier your skin will appear.

The first wrinkles on your skin appear when there is a breakdown or decrease in collagen in the upper layer of the skin; therefore collagen must be produced in order to refurbish the upper layer of the skin.

It is important to avoid damaging agents such as Ultra Violet rays from the sun, stress and pollution, some creams can help avoid or get rid of wrinkles and lines from the skin.

When choosing creams you should be looking for substances such as retinoid, which is a vitamin A element, which can help prevent wrinkles and hide any lines you already have. Sunscreen is also an important defence if you want your face, neck and hands to appear younger for longer, use sunscreen at all times, regardless of the weather conditions.

With a balanced diet that includes antioxidants you will be preventing the breakdown of collagen, you will find antioxidants in teas or other similar drinks. Food and drink with a high level of vitamin C and A are also recommended for good looking skin, while a coenzyme will help maintain the collagen intact.

Before you use any product on your skin, make sure you find out which elements and substances are suitable for your skin type.