5 Tips For Good Mortgage Quote Comparison

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/19/2009 | Finance
The concept of mortgage has become an important aspect in todays world, especially, with the axe of recession falling on this sector very heavily. But the main thing that affects the mortgage industry is the mortgage interest rate. Mortgage rates are considered to be very crucial as they include the calculation of the overall interest and the number of years for which the person is supposed to pay . In fact, the mortgage system is actually centered on this concept.

But to get the cheapest mortgage quotes, comparison tools and homework on them are very helpful. While comparing, several things should be considered such as the closing costs, additional fees, interest rates and the small print.

Here are some tips which might help you in the quest for a good mortgage quote comparison.

    Consider the Interest Rates

As interest rates can keep changing at regular intervals, all mortgage quotes should be taken on the same day. Sometimes, interest rates change more than once in a single day especially with different lenders. Frequency of this change depends upon the actions of the Bank of England, lender policies and different economic reports. A little change in interest rates can bring a huge difference in the monthly payment so be very careful while comparing quotes.

    Consider Similar Rate Tied in Period

Cheap mortgage quotes should be compared for a similar rate tied in period. This is because lenders often follow a rate sheet which includes the mortgage pricing based on the tied in period. A rate gets guaranteed for a particular period of time after a lender ties it in for the same. Most of the lenders set the rate in exchange of a fee. In this case, a longer lock period can increase the interest rates and bring a glaring difference in the mortgage quote.

    Evaluate Mortgage Quotes having Same Points

Always compare cheap mortgage quotes that have the same points. For example, compare those mortgage quotes where each of them has 'nil' point or a single point or are on the same footing as far as points are considered. The pricing offered by lenders can easily fluctuate as per their requirements. In such cases, an increased mortgage rate decreases the point, whereas a reduced mortgage rate increases the point, thereby unbalancing your financial equation.

    Keep Mortgage Points and Loan Fees Separate

Mortgage points should be separated from the different loan fees of lenders. Usually, lenders charge extra for underwriting, processing, documentation, etc. Items which are not included in the lenders' fees are insurance, pre-paid interest and property taxes.

    Consider the APR

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on the mortgage loans include fees and interest rates. Lenders are required to disclose the figure before signing the contract. This helps to compare the loans more easily. The APR number can be compared to achieve the easiest way out for a cheap mortgage quote. But the costs of points are not included in the APR and these can be purchased to achieve a reduced mortgage interest rate.

Mortgage rates and cheap mortgage quotes depend on several factors and might become confusing while comparing them to get a better mortgage quote. These are the few tips following which can make the comparison easier. Hence, getting a proper mortgage at an affordable price is very important.

Faisal Javed shares his views on ways to compare cheap mortgage quotes. Anybody who is interested to find the best remortgage rates can benefit from his expert views and tips.