How Can You Determine Whether Your Partner Is Cheating?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/21/2009 | Relationships
Trust and love are the two strong pillars on which a relationship builds itself up. It takes years of togetherness, sacrifices and adjustments to continue a relationship or make a marriage successful. It is like that invisible thread that binds you together. If two people are dependent on a relationship, it is vice versa. It depends upon the two individuals to strengthen the life long bonding. But things are hard in the present world where words like true love, commitment are losing their importance. It takes less time for a relationship to end. The reasons for this might be many but one resulting out of a breach of trust or cheating of a partner leaves a deeper scar than anything. The word break up divorce is uttered more frequently than we are still together.  

Cheating is a prime reason behind a break up. Studying his/her behavioral pattern can give you clues whether your partner is cheating or not.

Some things which help you to determine the infidelity of your partner are:

    The first sure shot way to determine whether he/she is cheating on you is to take note of his/her body language. The person before you will appear to be very different. His/her ways of talking, behaving with you would sound more distant and aloof.

    The intensity and eagerness of talking or contacting you throughout the day lessens. The number of messages and phone calls decreases. He/she fails to reply to your missed calls or messages.

    He/she cites reason to avoid a lunch with you in the middle of his work or cancel pre planned meetings or trips in case he/she resides out of station.

    The things that he/she has gifted over the years as on anniversaries or birthdays become immaterial.

    His/her business trips become more frequent. He/she comes home late from work.

    Takes less interest in family issues or matters of his/her children.

    His/her phone comes busy during the time when you two usually talk.

    He/she all of a sudden takes interests in new things.

    You quarrel or argue more on a regular basis. He/she feels irritated at your behavior and picks up issues to brew up an argument.

    Your topics of conversation suddenly changes. There are no discussions about future plans or career interests. From us it suddenly changes to me or you.

    While talking face to face, he/she hardly listens what you have to say. They look away and are no longer interested in your problems.

    As members of a common social networking site, you check out more messages send to others than you.

    He/she starts hanging out with his new friends more than you. At the same time avoids introducing you to them or vice versa.

    Shares his problems and tensions less with you. Appears to be irritated when you show concern and accuses you to be bossy, over possessive.

    He/she starts finding flaws about your appearance, way of talking, dressing etc.

    On the contrary, he/she accuses of being disloyal to him/her. This behavior is coined as reverse psychology where the partner who is cheating, accuses the other to find relief from his/her guilt.

    Secures and protects his passwords from you. The person who used to share even his password, suddenly changes it.

    Above all, trust your intuition and judge logically. Doing this can save you from getting hurt.

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