How To Approach A Single Mother?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/21/2009 | Relationships
Women are soft, patient and yet strong and determined to face any problem that stares in the face of their near and dear ones. She is a strong feminine power with multiple roles to perform within her life cycle. But the strongest of all her feminine aspects is that of a mother. Her child is her most precious possession for whom she takes all hardships. With time, when human relations have changed meaning, the neo age woman has also metamorphosed to accept and celebrate the role of an independent single mother.

The concept of single parenting is high on the rise and so what we have today in the society are single mothers and single fathers. However, it is first important to trace the origin of this concept of single mother or single father. A single parent is born by choice and some as an outcome of circumstances. Those who choose to be a single parent are often referred to as choice parents. Their parenthood comes from adopting a child, artificial insemination or surrogate motherhood. Those who have to accept the responsibility of a single parent, do so if they get divorced or if their partner leaves them or on the sudden demise of the wife/husband.

Single parents are therefore loners and its not wrong on their part to look for companionship. But since their thoughts and experience about relationships are different, it is required to know how to approach a single mother for a relationship or marriage. Keeping the woman in mind, let us discuss about how to approach a single mother.

    Since she is a single mother, she is a confident woman. It is important that you dont make her feel demeaned or incapable.

    Treat her like an individual.

    Do not say anything about her responsibilities as a mother. She knows her child better than you do.

    Avoid questioning her about her past relationship or choice of being a single mother.

    Since she is a single parent, its quite evident that she might be a working professional. Support her in that, respect her freedom.

    Volunteer to take care for her child when she is away or busy with work. Make her feel that you are the one who knows the values of a family but dont overdo it.

    Talk to her about her feelings, dreams, aspirations and share her pain. In this way she will feel comfortable with you and grow an emotional security.

    Try to be her friend first. At times even she requires a shoulder to support her and someone who lends her a patient ear.  

    Take part in small family gatherings or special occasions involving her and her children.

    Invite them over to your house for a lunch; take them out on weekends and for picnics to create a strong bonding. Let them know you too.

A nouveau single mother or single father in contemporary times adorns the cap of a single parent quite earnestly. For them its a new experience, a different side of parenthood and they are ready to explore it. But with time, wounds tend to heal and a bonding of a single mother or a father with a special someone leads to the beginning of yet another family.

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