What will it be? A Russian, Filipina or a Romanian Bride?

By Ovi Dogar Published 03/29/2006 | Relationships
For people who truly want to meet someone for a special relationship,sometimes a careful examination of traditions and expectations of eachpossible partner is necessary to give the relationship a chance, tobring trust in the relationship and avoid being disappointed.

What about a Russian Bride?  Russian women are much moretraditional minded, caring, loving, and loyal in their views of loveand marriage.  They stand proudly in times of hardship, and willdevote their love and trust to you for a lifetime.

Another truth about Russian girls is that are more "dressed up" whenyou see them on the street anywhere in Russia. "Will they continue thecustom once they are settled in their new country?" The answer isfrequently YES.
A Russian girl would most likely marry a man with whom she felt a highlevel of trust, honesty, love AND some financial security as well.Please keep in mind that financial security might be defined by many ofthese Russian girls as the man's ability to pay monthly expenses andhave some money left over for discretional spending.
Filipina girls have been brought up in a culture where stability in amarriage is most important, that's why so many of these girls marryolder foreign men. There's not a lot of jobs for Phillippine men sonaturally the girls are receptive to older stable foreigners.

To the Filipina girls the ideal relationship is a series of stages overa long period of time. Engagements more often last for several years.When courting the Filipina you are not courting just her, you arecourting the entire family. She will also expect this from you. Theyhave a very high regard for marriage and view being married as a lifelong commitment.

I am sure that you have heard about Romanian woman that she is awonderful mom, is proud but not squeamish. She take good care of howshe looks without spending 2,000 per month just for clothes and hairstyling. When her husband is coming back home late, she is waiting forhim with love and  patience and she knows to appreciate him andhis work.

Imagine that you are going home, after a long day of work and stress,and a gorgeous women is embracing and kissing you,  happy to seethe master of her heart and her life. The dinner is prepared and itsmell so good while she is all over you in order to make you feel goodand forget all about stress, work or problems.

Another interesting thing about Romanian women is that they are used togo to work and don't like to be only a housekeeper. That's because mostof them have spent a lot of time in schools trying to become someoneable to make good money. In Romania life is difficult and without aCollege degree it's hard to obtain a good job.

But don't even bother to find and contact a Romanian women if you havedrink problems or if you don't know how to respect and appreciate awoman.

Good luck to you and... FOLLOW your Heart!