How to rent a luxury limo

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/18/2006 | Auto and Trucks

You may not be able to buy a limousine but you can always hire it for occasions like weddings, bachelor parties or birthday bashes and feel like a king. This is a service that will come with a stiff price tab but it will make you look good before your guests.

There are several types of limousines that are available on rent. These include the tough Hummers, the customized Corvettes or the all-season SUVs. Some rental agencies also provide Ferraris or Lamborghini's. Much depends upon your specific requirement. You must go for a large limo if you want to ferry a large number of guests. If you want to serve liquor then you must make sure that the limo has space for a small bar. In case, your guests are party animals then you cant have a limo that does not have a TV and a powerful music system.

You may also have special needs in case your guests include children or physically challenged individuals. In these cases, you need to rent a limo that has baby seats or handicap access. Dont forget pets, if one of your uncles or aunts cant travel without their dogs or cats. Of course, you must inform the rental agency in advance and confirm if it allows liquor to be served or pets to be carried in its luxury limos. Theres no point in getting into an altercation later.

The limo should be rented from a reputed company. Preference should be given to a rental agency that is a member of an industry association like the National Limousine Association. It is in your best interest to check before the scheduled date that the car you are getting is the same you are paying for.

You also need to check the charges at a couple of limo rental agencies before taking a decision. The points that should be covered are: the rental rate, the waiting charges, concession or packages for birthdays or weddings, the possibility of getting flat rate during off-season, the discount available, security deposit and taxes.

Limousine rentals generally vary between 50 and 150 per hour, and there's usually a three-hour minimum. Getting corporate rates is possible if you book through your company. Similarly, you can get a cheaper rate if you rent it at an airport or through a hotel.

You should also check if it is possible to let the limo take other passengers during the idle waiting hours. This can be an effective way to reduce the rent, provided your rental company agrees, and there is a demand for a limo during those hours.

Two other important points that need checking are the cancellation policy and tipping policy. Usually, in case of cancellation the companies do not return the deposit. Some companies have tipping policy while others forbid it. The usual rate is 5 per person but it depends on your mood and your discretion as to how much you wish to tip. As a host you could board the car first so as to ascertain the arrangements are as per your requirements.

After that you can leave your guests to enjoy the ride.