World of Warcraft: Best Guides

By Michelle L Published 10/24/2009 | Games

If you like playing the World of Warcraft then you will find the guides of this game to be very useful. By getting one or more of these guides, it will be possible for you to become a great player of this game in no time. You will have to look for a great guide that will help you if you wish to earn plenty of gold, be ahead of others in PvP, get the best weapons and armors and move to higher levels of the game. If you have looked for the WoW guides online, I am sure you must have come across hundreds of guides that promise to help you in playing this game. However, how will you know which ones you should opt for?

Give below are some of the best World of Warcraft Guides that I have listed and you can consider getting one or more of these guides.

  • Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide- Irrespective of whether you are playing for Alliance or Horde, you will find this guide to be of great use. It is user-friendly, interactive and this in-game guide will offer you plenty of tips and suggestions. You will find tips on how you can level up professions and it also specifications for the different classes. This guide includes information on UI configuration tips, PvP tutorials and how you can make more gold. You will also find helpful information about the auction house.
  • Zygor's Guide- Like the above mentioned guide, this is also for users playing for Horde as well as Alliance. It is being reported that you can reach to level sixty in just a week of playing the World of Warcraft after you have referred to this guide. As this guide has been updated for WotLK, it will be possible for you to move to level sixty in very less time. This guide will help you play this game easily even if you are new to the game of the World of Warcraft. In short, I would say that this guide is simple and detailed.
  • Joana's Horde Guides- As the name suggests; this guide is for all those users who are paying for the Horde. This guide has been complied by one of the leading gamers in the world and by referring to this guide it will be possible for you to reach level sixty in no time. Once you have reached this level, you can consider getting Joana's Death Knight Guide that will help you reach till level eighty.