Dos and Donts for Successful Fishing

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/26/2009 | Fishing and Boating
Fishing is such a sport that requires a lot of accessories. It's not just about setting up a bait; a lot of things have to be kept in mind while fishing, whether its sea fishing or lure fishing. Go through the dos and don'ts mentioned below to acquire the skill required to have success in fishing.

1.Setting the hook: The hook has to be set very carefully before you start any kind of fishing such as fly fishing. Start reeling only when you are sure that the fish is hooked properly.
2.Consider the line: Make sure that the line doesn't get wrapped around the tip of the fishing rod. This is because, if so happens then you may loose control over the reel and the line may break.
3.Pressure on the fish: Try not to give the fish any chance to spit out the bait or the lure which you have set for it. Always keep the tip of the rod out of the water. To maintain a steady pressure, you need to keep on reeling to ensure that the line reaches straight to the fish.
4.Try to get an effective lure or bait: The bait or the lure is the most important part of fishing. You should always go for those lures or baits that have the most effective results almost on every fish. Jigs can be a better option for fishing in deep water, shoreline, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. They can catch crappies, walleyes, perch, bluegills and many more.

5.Try to cast the bait near a structure: Fishes generally hang around rocks, docks and logs. So try to cast the bait near these structures to catch hold of more fish. You can even cast baits near weed beds as fishes are easily available at these places.

6.Consider the drag: Before you go for fishing make sure that your drag is working properly. You can keep  control on the fish if you can use the drag properly.

7.Match the bait with the fish: Always try to go for live baits or the ones that fish generally feed on. If you provide the fish what it wants then you have higher chances of catching it.

8.Consider the fishing equipments: You should take good care of the fishing equipments and change the line frequently to avoid breakage. Oil the reel regularly so that it can be turned easily.


Following are some common mistakes made by most of the anglers and you should avoid them for successful fishing:

9.Dont repeat the same spot: One of the main mistakes that you should avoid is repeating the same spot again and again. It may so happen that you get a good number of fish at a particular spot one day, but it is not necessary that every day you will have that luck at the same spot. So, dont waste time on a single spot if you are not getting any bite.

10.Dont loose concentration: All types of fishing, be it coarse fishing or fly fishing, require a lot of patience. Dont get distracted or you'll end up with a lot less than you'd have caught if you had put your whole concentration into it.

11.Dont use the same bait every time: It's not necessary that you'll be able to catch fish using the same bait again and again. If you caught fish earlier using the same bait, you may not be able to do the same again. If you are not getting any bite then change the bait but dont waste time using the same bait again and again.

12.Dont use the wrong gear: Different fishing gears are required for catching different types of fishes. So, always consider the type of fish you want to catch. If you want to do bass fishing then dont use the gear that is good for cat fish and trout.


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