How To Know Whether He/She Is Your Type In Online Dating?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/27/2009 | Dating
The motto of every relationship is to stay happy and satisfied throughout life. Happiness can grow with care, affection ad love. On the other hand, there are some another factors that make a relationship click such as mental wavelength, mutual trust and respect for your partner. With the growing popularity of the online dating sites, they are trying to include some new features that enable the users to choose their right partners. But online romance and face-to-face romance can be vastly different. In case of a face-to-face meeting you can judge whether your partner is lying or not, but in the online instance lies are hard to catch. There are many websites that try and find you the perfect partner by asking a lot of questions to their partners. If the questions are pertinent then these will lead to better success rate for their users. Thus, the popularity of the websites is a good indicator to finding the perfect partner.

For those who want to try and learn the tricks of finding the perfect online partner for them it is important to know in details about various facets of your partner. Such facets may include sexual orientation, gender identity, physical description and myriad of other factors as mentioned below:

Step-1: You should make a list of all things that are important to you including the traits and values. Rank the traits as per their importance to one another.

Step-2: Go through one trait at a time and ask yourself some questions such as: If a person has a trait that you seek would that be enough to overlook the other traits that you disliked about him/her? If the persons values are radically different from that of yours, then would you continue dating the person? And for how long?

Step-3:  Try and learn about the gender identity of the person. Would you want your partner to adhere to the traditional sex roles? Some people have a different sexual identity; ask yourself if you approve of it if your partner is found to be so. Besides, would avoid or reject a person who is struggling with the gender identity issues, ask yourself.

Step-4: Pay minute details to the physical traits. List down the most important traits that you want in your partner; also think of the reasons why some are more important than the other. Would you reject or avoid the person who had the desired physical traits initially but lost them due to any mishaps or due to aging?

Step-5: You should also assess yourself. Get a clear idea of your attractiveness level and your views on traditional sex roles. Which are the values that are non-negotiable to you? Do you have gender identity issues of your own? Jot down all the possible traits you like and dislike.

Step-6:  Compile the answers for all these questions and paint a picture of the ideal person you want to be with. This will help you have a clear idea while forming an online relationship.

So, now go out and have a great time with the ideal online dating partner!

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