How To Make The First Date Successful?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/27/2009 | Dating
A successful first date is not just about donning lovely clothes and wearing the best perfume, it means more. In fact, to conclude a successful first date you must get over the nervous wrecks and follow a few scoring rules.

Plan the Location: Select a relatively quite but public place for example a coffee shop, a park or else a club. Get well dressed (not over dressed), look decent and put on a smile.

Dont be Late: Confirm the meeting time and reach 5 minutes before hand, never be late. It cannot get worse if you make your date wait for half an hour and reach on the spot hurling through the traffic. You will lose your game even before you place your cards. If you are to pick up the lady be on the right time at her door.

Be Confident: Be calm and collected. Girls usually love confident, decent and collected men especially on the first date. Never get desperate to either touch or kiss her until she allows. For girls put on decent attire, you would never like your date to fix his eyes on your bare shoulder or long waxed legs, thats very embarrassing and sends a wrong signal.

Get Natural: Carry on a natural conversation with your date. Never try to either imitate or pose as someone else in order to impress, this might give a feeling that you are arrogant.

Easy Conversation: If your date is nervous make the atmosphere easy, by cracking jokes or conversing on simple things. You can initiate a conversation on the latest movie, or else her/his taste in music and hobbies. This will allow your date to express a lot and you can get to know about each other.

Be a Good Listener: For a successful date it is essential to be a good listener. But then dont get into the mute mode. Create a margin of how much you should talk and let your date express himself/herself. Pop in a question or comment here and there and show that you are interested. This will allow enough room for both of you to get comfortable.

Expenses: Never over expend if its heavy on you. Spend according to your capability since its unreasonable to impress your date with your delusive monetary status. If your date solicits to share in a natural way you can always accept the offer. This might kindle a good friendship between both of you.

Besides, these tips you can even reflect on a few more additional ones.

Some extra tips:

Gift: Carry a small gift for the lady either flowers or chocolate they will love it. If you are dating a guy you can always get him a key ring or else a small diary. It will show your confidence, maturity and respect for your date.

Leave her Home: You can either walk her home if the place is close to her, or drive her if you have car or leave her home on a cab.

Call Her: Reach home and call her to ensure that she has reached home safely. Tell her that you enjoyed her company and would like to meet up again if she is comfortable.

These sure shots tips will pave your success on your first date.

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