How To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level?

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/27/2009 | Relationships
So, you are in a relationship for a long time and want to take it to the next level. Before you do so just ask yourself a simple question, پeAre you ready for itپf? If yes, then discover some tips that you can tread on to lure your partner into the next level. Read on.

For Him

No Hint: Ensure that your partner gets no hint of your advances. Keep it a secret but work hard to let him make the approach.

Likes and Dislikes: Take note about his likes and dislikes. Learn what excites and stimulates him, what can pacify him and the rules of passion he loves the most. If he is a foody, prepare his favorites and if he is interested in sports buy him a surprise ticket of a sports event. In either ways you can leave a mark on his heart, and pose as a perfect partner.

Take Care: Take him out for shopping or organize his wardrobe. Put stick-on as reminders.

Support: Offer your support whenever he needs it. Give him suggestions and tips while he is in deep puddle. Pose as his best friend when in need. Support his decisions and if he goes wrong try and show him the right path, but in polite manner.  

Discuss Matter: Discuss about serious matters such as property, insurance and or else even vacation costs jointly as an investment. This will bring out the strong points of your personality. Guys love girls with an intelligent and progressive mind and a strong persona.  

Calls and Visit: Call him during his recess and utter romantic words. Bring couple tickets for a night show, invite him for a surprise dinner or send flowers to his office. These simple steps can breathe in fresh air into the relationship and make it long lasting. Romance serves as food to any relationship.

For Her

Get Romantic: Take her out on a wonderful weekend. Buy her clothes she has always desired to put on. Pass romantic text messages that speak of your emotions. Do not overexpose your feelings.

Discuss about Marriage: Discuss about marriage on a casual note. However, tell her your feelings about marriage and how you would like to plan it. Talk about kids and how you will support your partner in taking care of them.

Support: Provide your support whenever she needs it. Show how you want to protect her from all harm.

Be adventurous: Break free from the followed routine of movies, dinner and gifts. Take her out for along drive on a weekend or on a walk through a quite street. Ask her about her likes and dislikes and what does she love and hate in a guy.

Take things lightly and do not rush. Never show your desperateness and let it be natural. Keeping your partner happy is a continual process, and not a one night effort. Apply the above solution and gain an upper hand in a relationship.

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