How To Sport A Younger Look This Summer?

By Marilynn Syrett Published 10/27/2009 | Beauty
The primary cause for the development of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines on your face is prolonged and unprotected exposure to sunlight. And during the summer months, the damage is highly increased because of the strong intensity of the sun's rays. Also, when you swim in salt water oceans and chlorine pools in addition to spending time in the humid hot weather, your skin suffers. So, if you want to keep your skin younger looking and prevent all sun damage, you need to practice effective skin care tips and make sure that you are protected against the sunlight. You can get professional facials, follow an effective summer skin care regimen and make it a point to take good care of your skin all through the season.

Here are some things that you should consider and follow during the summer season.

Always wear Sunscreen!

This is probably the most repeated skin care advice. However, as many times it is said it is only to reinforce its importance. It is extremely important to wear a sunscreen all through the day regardless of the fact that you are exposed to the sun or not.

If slathering on too many skin care products makes your skin greasy, then consider using a moisturizer with SPF. Make sure it contains a minimum of SPF 30. some women believe that using a product with higher SPF would guarantee them better protection against the sun. this is not true though. An SPF 30 product gives you 96% protection while SPF 50 gets you 98% protection. The difference is only marginal. Products with higher SPF only have higher quantities of chemicals .

What really matters is how often you apply the sunscreens. Ideally, you should reapply the sunscreen after every two to three hours while outdoors, especially if you have been swimming , exercising or have been sweating a lot. Moreover, sunscreens tend to sweat off in the summer heat and therefore, its important you wear protective clothing , sunglasses and hats to help guard against the damaging sun rays.

What is worst is sun bathing and sun tanning beds. They tend to damage the skin even more and accelerate the process of premature aging. Therefore make sure you avoid them at all costs.

Combat the problem of Oily Summer Skin

Another common complaint during summer months is that of oily skin. Because of the summer heat and humid temperatures, the skin becomes increasingly oily and greasy. The solution to the problem is using light and oil-free skin care products. Use a good cleanser, preferably one containing potent ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid to cleanse your face. This will gently exfoliate your skin while keeping it moisturized at the same time. You can try the La Roche-Posay Biomedic LHA Cleansing Gel. It purifies the skin and helps to stimulate exfoliation. It evens out the skin tone, helps remove dead skin cells and helps with acne breakouts for a brighter complexion.
Wash your face at least thrice a day once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. Also, avoid wearing heavy make-up, especially oil based foundations that would make the skin oily. Another thing that you should avoid doing is using bar soaps on your face. The soaps have strong ingredients that strip off water and natural oils from the skin and leave it dehydrated. And to compensate for the lack of moisture, the skin cells produce more sebum (oil) and thus leads to increased oiliness.

Because of the increased oil production in the summer months, the skin is highly susceptible to acne and breakouts. Breakouts can lead to cystic acne along the chin and jawline areas. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink lots and lots of water.

Treat Rough and Scaly Skin

Summer heat can damage your skin and make it look rough and scaly. So, you need to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cells from the surface in order to brighten your complexion. Use a scrub or exfoliating product like Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte or Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm (depending on your skin type) and exfoliate your skin about twice a week. There are variety of scrubs and peels you can choose from. Try the Nia 24 Physical Cleansing Scrub. It contains Pro-Niasomes and removes dead skin cells and calms, hydrates as well as soothes the skin.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has authored several articles about skin care cosmetics like Anti-aging Skin Care cosmetics, Sun Tanning & Sunscreens and so on.