7 Tips To Take Care Of Lawns

By Zaithyn Galter Published 10/28/2009 | Gardening
A perfect and well maintained lawn makes a house look more beautiful. But maintaining a lawn involves a lot of work and planning. Proper maintenance with proper planning and guidance can make wonders for your lawn. There are many methods to maintain a lawn but how will you know which is the best and the most effective method? The following tips on lawn maintenance will answer all your questions:

1)Watering: Watering the garden and the lawn is the first and the most important step for maintaining a lawn. But dont water too often as this can again cause damage to the grasses and other plants in the garden. Water is required to make the grass grow healthier and this can only happen if the water soaks down under the ground. The next watering should be done only after the land dries up properly.

2)Mowing: Properly mowing the garden or the lawn is very important. Dont let the grass of the lawn grow so high that you need to cut off more than 3 inches at a time. This is because if the grass is more than 3 inches, then it can strain the roots leading to many diseases. Again at the same time dont cut the grass too short. During winter it is advisable to keep the grasses at a length of 3 inches and during summer within 2 inches.

3)Aerating: Roots need water as well as air too. During dry summer months aeration is not that required. But during winter or rainy season when the soil is damp, it is the best time for aeration.  You can take the help of any aerator or can even hire one who will dig half inch in the ground for the process.

4)Cleaning: Cleaning the lawn is the most tedious and at the same time the most important job. Dry leaves, debris, mulch or compost gets accumulated on the ground. This makes the lawn look dirtier and very badly maintained. But cleaning a huge piece of ground with an ordinary rake or broom is not an easy task. There are different types of blowers available through which the task can be done quite easily. These leaf blowers can blow off the dried leaves and debris from the ground to one side.

5)Fertilization: Fertilization is another important aspect of maintaining a lawn. Spring is the best time for fertilization, because it is the time when the grasses in the lawn start growing and need more nutrients. A combination of phosphates, potash and nutrients make the best fertilizer for  garden lawns. After spring is over, you can again use fertilizers during summer.

6)Pest Control: The ground becomes a breeding area for pests mainly during the spring season. These pests can destroy the entire lawn by damaging small plants and grasses. Nematodes or other pesticides can also be used to control such pests. But make sure that whatever you use to control the pests don't damage the plants and grasses.

7)Controlling Weeds: A simple method of getting rid of such unwanted weeds is to pull off or cut down the unwanted plant which you dont want.

Hope the tips mentioned above can help you to maintain a beautiful lawn.


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