How To Get An ITIN Number

By Zaithyn Galter Published 11/9/2009 | Business and Finance
ITIN number refers to 'Individual Taxpayer Identification Number'. It is a tax processing number which is issued by the Internal Revenue Service, i.e. IRS. It is basically a nine digit number and always starts with the digit 9 and has digit 7 or 8 in the fourth position. IRS issues ITIN to individuals to have a tax payer identification number. But if someone does not have this then he or she will not be eligible for obtaining the Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administrator (SSA). Applying for and getting an ITIN is not an easy task. Some steps should be followed to make the procedure easier.

    Complete a SS-5 Form

SSN or the Social Security Number is issued by the Social Security Administration. First and foremost, you should complete the SS-5 Form and apply for a social security card. In the form itself, complete instructions are provided to help you fill up the form. If you visit the IRS website at then they will direct you to the Social Security Administration website to get the actual SS-5 Form. You can also directly visit the Social Security Administration website.

    Apply for EIN

EIN stands for 'Employer Identification Number' and is issued by the IRS. This number is basically given to identify a business entity. One can apply for this by completing the SS-4 Form. IRS allows to complete the application on their websites by following the instructions provided by them. You need to go through a series of questions and depending on your answers, you will be getting an EIN which you can then finally download and save the confirmation notice at the same time.

    Apply for the ITIN

ITIN is only available for certain individuals who are counted as non resident or resident aliens, their spouses and their dependents who are not eligible for a Social Security Number. Under such circumstances you need to follow certain instructions:

1.    First, you need to complete the IRS Form W-7, IRS application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and should supply all the required documents listed in the form. Make sure that if you submit a form, then all the ITIN Correspondence and notices, which you will receive, is in English.

2.    Along with the form it is required to provide the completed and the original tax returns for which the ITIN is needed. Again, if you are applying for more than one ITIN for the same tax return, then you must attach the Form W-7 to the same tax return. After the Form W-7 has been processed, then the IRS will assign the ITIN to your return and will process it.

3.    The original or the certified documents are required to confirm the information which has been provided with the Form W-7. These supporting documents must be logical with the applicant's information provided along with the Form W-7. It is always advisable not to submit the original copy of your document to avoid the risk of loosing them. But at the same time, the copies of original documents can be given only if followed certain steps.

    The copies must be certified by the issuing agency or the official custodian of the original record.

    The copies must be notarized by US notary public to certify whether the document is true or not.

Thus, these are the simple steps that should be followed to get an ITIN number.

Samantha Cole writes for the We specialize in obtaining ITIN numbers for non-residents of the United States of America. To use our service you need to have a valid reason for obtaining an ITIN number and be able to prove your residency and identity. An ITIN number is only issued for tax reporting purposes.