Have fun swimming with the whales!

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 11/16/2009 | Entertainment

This is where it all happens, here in the Gulf of Mexico, a favorite destination with Whale Sharks during the summer months.

A sure rendezvous with this gigantic fish, measuring up to 18 meters in length and weighing up to 10 tons.

It is usually a solitary animal, and is rarely spotted as a group. This is what renders this unique site in the turquoise Mexican waters so exclusive, it is one of the rare areas where you may get a chance to observe more than one specimen at once. Even Jacques Cousteau only caught a glimpse of two in his whole lifetime! 

These temperate untainted waters attract the Whale Shark due to the abundance of plankton. While in the water with them, you will be able to admire their magnificence and observe at close range some of their peculiarities, as they gracefully move their checkered gray-white bodies through the waters.

You might just be able to catch them as they open their five foot-wide mouths that can filter as much as 1600 gallons of water every hour for plankton, displaying a row of 300 tiny teeth.

But not to worry! Whale sharks are harmless and can actually be quite playful with divers.

So dont forget your cameras, and better still we can prepare a DVD for you to take home in order for you to fully enjoy the spectacle with your own eyes and not with the cameras!