Choose a different type of holiday, entertain yourself in a tree house!

By Brown Articles Published 11/16/2009 | Entertainment

Are you ready to climb up to the top of a tree and try out a unique and rejuvenating experience? Remember when you loved to play in the tree house as a kid, your private refuge from the adults, high above the tree branches, hidden amongst the thick leaves? Well you can actually experience your childhood games once more, with an added touch of luxury, by passing tranquil nights in a tree house suite, with a view amongst rich and verdant foliage instead of the usual standard hotel room.

Whether you are a wildlife lover an eco tourist or couples in quest of uncultivated isolation, these luxury resorts perched high up in the tree canopies are the perfect retreats. Not only are these tree houses perfect luxury havens with the best comfort facilities you may wish for, they are also perfectly integrated structures that blend and preserve the integrity of the nature and wildlife they were built in. You can view all sorts of colorful and fascinating wildlife just outside your luxury tree house window and at night you might also be lucky enough to spot rare nocturnal specimens, which you would never have done so even on a night spotting tour. You are simply plunged into the wildlifes natural habitat in a cohabitation of harmony without having to renounce to the comfort and luxury of a five star resort.

You will find quite a few of these luxury tree house resorts scattered around the globe just waiting to be explored, where the mesmerizing atmosphere will capture your senses.

These luxury and very original forms of accommodation are usually to be found in rainforest environments but can also be situated on the fringes of forests opening out to the sea. These luxury tree houses offer views of the verdant tropical forest and the turquoise sea.