The secrets of color schemes in your home

By Brown Articles Published 11/18/2009 | Home Improvement

The most frequent issue, which arises when discussing the various aspects of the interior decoration of our homes, is the colour scheme.

The choice of the colour scheme in our houses can vary considerably, according to the space available, mood or ambience we wish to create.

If in doubt as to the colours you should use in each particular room, the best advice is to follow your tastes and the effect each different colour may have on your mood or that of your family.

Before you proceed in applying any colour of paint, some important factors must be considered.

First of all the colour you apply will not have the same effect as when you saw it on the paint sample, for the light reflecting on the walls will alter it slightly. Another factor that will change the way the colour turns out on the wall, is that the paint is merged with the original colour that was applied.

You can never be certain what the exact resulting colour will be, this will depend on the amount of sunlight your home receives, the weather conditions and the interior of your house.

Before selecting the colour you wish to apply keep these factors in mind, in particular the kind of surface you will be applying the colour on and the light conditions.