The Plain Truth Behind your Dark Under Eye Circles

By Brown Articles Published 11/28/2009 | Health

Effective dark under eye circle treatment is one of the biggest mysteries in skin care today. There are magic serums that cost a fortune, and they sell like pancakes off the shelves. Almost every woman, once the reach their puberty, suffers from dark circles around their eyes. Unknown to most, under eye circles need more than just an over-the-counter treatment for it to go away.


The most common and obvious cause of dark circles around the eyes is lack of sleep. If youve been looking like a raccoon lately, you need to ask yourself if youve been behaving well enough to get enough sleep. An adult should have 7 to 9 hours of complete sleep to keep a healthy and vibrant skin. If youre getting any less than that, youre putting your entire body at risk. Under eye circles are usually indications of poor blood circulation. This is usually caused by lack of exercise, sleep, proper nutrition, and stress.


Youll notice that most people who are unwell have dark circles around their eyes. This is because the skin becomes paler, making dark under eye circles appear more obviously. You need to keep a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Moderate, daily doses of yoghurt are also great for the skin. Think antioxidants and less greasy junk food when youre thinking about anti-beak out and eye bag diets. You should also stay away from too much salt if you want to say goodbye to puffy, tired eyes.

Dont rub those eyes

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin in your face. This means that the slightest rub can cause wrinkles and darkening due to broken capillaries. If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, you should consciously avoid dong so. If your eyes begin to itch, you should check for other allergic reactions. You might be inhaling an allergen, or reacting to something youve eaten. If you notice any other signs of itching, take an antihistamine as soon as possible. Keep those hands off your eyes.

Culprit in the genes

Another cause of dark under eyes is heredity. If the rest of your family has dark under eyes as wall, chances are, youre dealing with a blood problem thats passed on through your genes. Most people who cant digest proteins and vitamin B12 well have dark under eye circle issues. If you suspect that the culprit is in your genes, dont freak out. Instead, consult your dermatologist so you can have your blood tested. If you tested positive for certain nutrient deficiencies, your dermatologist can give you oral medication which can lessen the dark circles around your eyes.

Homemade treatment

If you think that your under eye circle issues are caused by poor sleeping habits and/or tiredness, you can begin by treating your eyes while you sleep. The most common treatment is putting a wet and cold cloth sponge over eyes while sleeping. Other people find the cold cucumber treatment still effective, while some opt for chilled teabags.