Should the implantation of multiple embryos be allowed?

By Brown Articles Published 12/4/2009 | Parenting

The story of a single mother named Nadya Suleman has created much public outcry in association with the birth of her octuplets.

This 33-year-old graduate student has already given birth to six children and is currently living with her parents. She is at the centre of turmoil of criticism due her irresponsible behaviour in relation to the economical crisis and medical principles of in vitro fertilization. Six embryos were implanted in her womb and in vitro fertilization was used, this resulted in two sets of twins for each embryo.

The general opinion is changing with regards to the birth of octuplets, which at first was met with sentiments of curiosity and awe. Now the economic times have changed compared to ten years ago, and these events, which were once regarded as miracles are now causing outrage.

People are criticizing the irresponsibility of the fertility clinic that accepted to implant multiple embryos in a mother with eight children. They are also outraged at the healthcare expense being financed to this mother, while others have a hard time being reimbursed for their own medical care.

Although the hospital refuses to divulge Miss Sulemans expenses over the nine week period she stayed there, calculations have been made and the results confirm that the charges amount to nearly 300,000 for a hospitalisation period of 12 days.

The California Medical Board has opened an investigation to determine whether there was an abuse of the standard of care, for only one or two embryos should be implanted in women under 35 years old.