Why You Should Get Copyright? What Will You Gain When You Do This?

By Michelle L Published 12/6/2009 | Legal

I am sure you are wondering why you should get copyright for your material. Well, there are plenty of reasons why I think you should get intellectual property rights for your materials. In this piece of writing, you will find some of the important reasons.

  1. A copyright can help you make money- Irrespective of whether you are an author, artist, photographer, musician, etc; you will be able to make money from the work that you have created when you get copyrights for them. By getting this right, no other person will be able to use your work and sell it to someone else. You will be the only person who will be legally authorized to sell the work created.
  2. A copyright is a right that is protected by law. When you get a copyright for your work and if another person uses it without your permission, you will be able to take a legal action against him in the court of law.
  3. When you get this right on your work, it creates a legacy. You can even consider passing on the copyright works to you children if you want. In the United States, copyright can last for about fifty years and in some other countries it can last for about seventy years.
  4. I donít know whether you are ware or not but copyright is an asset. It is considered to be a tangible asset that can be valued, transferred and traded by the owner. There are many companies who use this kind of tangible assets in their balance sheets. It is also has an important financial value to the company. This is the reason why many people consider a copyright to be an asset.
  5. No other person will be able to use your work until and unless you give them your permission. I am sure you are well aware that once a work is copyrighted, no one is legally allowed to copy or reproduce your work. If they want to use it, then they will have to ask for your permission and they may even offer you some money in exchange for the use of your material or work.

These are some of the reasons why many people get copyright for their work. After reading this article, I am sure you want to get copyright for your work too.