Are Your Message On Target?

By Katie Marcus Published 12/11/2009 | Brochure and Postcard Printing
There is nothing more frustrating than having a marketing campaign even if its poster printing that you have given your time, effort and money to produce, yet does not get the results you want.

You have worked with the best graphic designer for your layout and even used most of your marketing budget for your print posters. Still, your results are something to be desired. So what is the problem, you ask. The answer is in the message you write for your marketing tool. Is it on-target?

The first consideration to make when writing your message is whether it is appropriate for your products and services – your business in general. Is it unique to your business and compelling enough that your target clients will see the difference from the rest of the advertising campaigns out there? The second consideration is to make sure that your marketing message is on-target with your main prospects.

So what does on-target means? What it means is that your ad, specifically your message, should be irresistible because it actually gets in front of your core group.

The next question now is how should you do it? How do you make your message on-target? First of all, you need to ask yourself how important would your message be to your target clients. Would they see it as something that answers what they are looking for? Is it about them?

No matter how you explain your business, if you do not give your target clients what they want, you will not get them interested in anything at all. You have to understand and accept that your target clients are only concerned about one thing – what is in it for them? If you can provide them this very important message then you would most likely have them for your clients.

Therefore, the next step is to focus your selling points on what your consumers would want to buy. How can they choose you among the other services being offered in the market? The trick is to focus on the buyer. As the buyers are the ones who are going to ‘buy’, then it goes without saying that they should be the center of your message.

It should be all about them – what they want, the experiences they have, their hot buttons, the product and service they often purchase – everything about their buying activities. By knowing how your target clients’ minds work, the better it would be for you to create an effective message that they would always respond to favorably.

The bottom line is to understand who your target clients are and what makes them tick. If you do not understand your core clients, how can you create a message that would compel them to act according to how you want them to?

Katie Marcus writes about the poster printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.