When To Hire A DWI Lawyer

By Zaithyn Galter Published 12/15/2009 | Legal
DWI crimes should not be taken lightly. Do you know that a simple DWI Drunk Driving conviction will be forever on your record and hamper your future opportunties? Moreover, it is seen that people get so confused and alarmed when a policeman stops their car that they fail the field sobriety tests even if they are not intoxicated or drunk! So if you have been charged with DWI or DUI in Houston, Texas, dont despair. It is not over for you because justice demands that the police and the prosecution prove beyond reasonable doubt that you have committed the said crime. And that is why you should hire an aggressive and professional Houston/Texas DWI lawyer as soon as you can.

People often think that the tests done by police are final. But it is not so. There are many cases where the results have been wrong because the machine was not correctly calibrated or the right procedure was not followed. If you immediately hire a Houston criminal lawyer, he or she will examine the evidence to determine if all the procedures have been properly followed during arrest. There are many implications of being found guilty of a DWI. First, you will have a criminal conviction irrevocably on your record. If you get a subsequent DWI, even if it is not your fault, the firstconviction may tilt the verdict against you. Even if you go for a plea bargain, as many do to avoid unnecessary harassment, that too can work against you! So the smartest thing to do in this case is to immediately hire a lawyer. People will give you all kinds of advice; even the police officers who stop you will have all kinds of practical solutions. But never ever listen to them or anyone else for that matter. It is only your Houston/Texas DWI lawyer that you should be listening to.

The result of not hiring a Texas DWI lawyer can have other repercussions as well. People who end up taking that road find themselves in very frustrating situations. Many times, their relationships and even career gets threatened as they spend more time in settling their case than in anything else. Sometime a case which started as a misdemeanor ends up becoming a felony because the accused did not understand the gravity of the situation and tried to handle it themselves! This mostly happens when someone sees a relative or friend getting out of DWI cases without a lawyer and thinks that so can they. But the problem is no two DWI cases are same; so if you think that yours is as same as your friend who got out; you are heading for trouble.

So you see, the best thing to do when faced with DWI charges in Houston, Texas, is to go for a Houston DWI Lawyer. And in that matter, you should consider a firm like that of Mr. John M. Petruzzi. Why? Because he has been practicing law in Houston and Harris Country for 28 years and is a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney and Prosecutor. Hence he knows what goes into making a case against you by the Public Prosecutor. He knows the system and can find fault with the defenses argument or procedures. Hence whenever you are in trouble with DWI in Houston, Texas, call Houston DWI Attorney John Petruzzi for experienced DWI representation.

DWI crimes should not be taken lightly. Do you know that a simple DWI Drunk Driving conviction will be forever on your record and hamper your future opportunties? Hire a competent DWI Houston lawyer like Mr. John M Petruzzi promptly.