How to look after your wooden floors using some basic rules

By Brown Articles Published 12/18/2009 | Home Improvement

Homes with wooden floors add warmth and space to your living areas, they are wonderfully natural materials that can last for years to come if you nourish and treat them properly.

Wooden flooring's are expensive initially, but are a great investment for the comfort of the home and for the durability, in addition it is not that difficult to care for your wooden flooring, all it takes is a little attention and maintenance.

With a few basic rules you will keep your flooring, be it laminated, hardwood or solid wood, looking flawless at all times. If you take care of your floors and keep them clean regularly, your whole house will benefit from this.

The most important thing to remember is not to drag your furniture about, and add some padding under the legs of all of your furniture to protect and avoid damaging the floor.

If you get water on the floor dry the floor up immediately, for any damp patches on the floor may cause the wood to bulge and stain.

Always keep the floors vacuumed to avoid the grit or dirt to scratch or stick to the floor, if you do use brushes make sure they do not scratch the wooden surface. When choosing your cleaning products go for neutral pH products, do not use oily substances, these will eventually form a layer on your floor and you will find it difficult to clean it properly.

Sunlight can also bleach your wooden flooring, so protect it from direct sunlight in order to keep it a uniform color and stronger.