The Scariest London Visitor Attraction

By Zaithyn Galter Published 12/18/2009 | Travel
The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs is London s newest two-part attraction. Set in the historic surroundings under London Bridge, The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs incorporates education, history, adventure and most importantly suspense.

The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs was launched in February 2008 after a 2m investment. The London Tombs, formally a plague pit boasts a number of dark corridors and desolate tunnels, which are renowned haunted sites. The spooky stigma surrounding the tombs was encouraged by the discovery of a plague pit polluted with thirty skeletons and the regular sightings of Shadow Man and Emily two of the many Resident Ghosts.

The Tour

On first entering the attraction, The London Bridge Experience invites visitors to travel through an educational time tunnel, on an interactive tour through the history of London Bridge.

Visitors journey through the ages where they get the chance to meet characters from the Medieval Viking era, Ancient Rome and Elizabethan period, all of whom influenced the formation of London Bridge.

Visitors are able to interact with the characters; shout with the Vikings, dress up as a Roman, watch the London Bridge fall down and remember to respond to Queen Boudicca The Keeper of the Heads when she talks to you.

Directly beneath the London Bridge Experience, are the infamous London Tombs. Here, visitors are taken deep underground to the resting place of hundreds of disinterred plague victims. These pits deep beneath the river are filled with unexplained noises, possessed zombies and mysterious creatures who aren t afraid to leap out of the darkness. It certainly is an adrenalin pumping experience.

The London Tombs has been independently voted the UK s Scariest Visitor Attraction.

The Screamies 2008/9 are the UK s only awards for the Scare and Haunted attractions industry. The nominees for the UK s Scariest Attraction included the behemoths of scare The London Dungeons, The London Tombs, Pasaje del Terror, Scream at Madame Tussauds and the York Dungeon

The London Tombs are proud to be named as the UK s Scariest Attraction and invite those who are brave enough to come down and put this to the test.

As terrifying as the London Tombs may appear, this part of the attraction is optional. Its important to stress that at no point during your visit will any of the characters touch visitors, ensuring the experience to be both thrilling yet enjoyable. However, it is not recommended that this part of the attraction is for under eleven year olds.

After emerging from the Tombs, visitors are then invited to discover a number of ancient artefacts from London Bridge s past. The Peter Jackson Collection is dedicated to the life and work of Peter Jackson OBE, who famously dedicated his life to the study of London. In this unique exhibition, students can also learn how the bridge has been transformed over the centuries.

There is also a gift shop where visitors are invited to treasure the memories of The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs with a range of spooky memorabilia. With gifts ranging from skeleton keyrings, branded t-shirts and memento photographs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Philip Cooper is a fan of the London Bridge Experience. The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs Independently voted the UKs Scariest Visitor attraction, today announces its Christmas show for 2009. Enjoy a fantastic trip back in time with festive figures from history.