Few Things That Are Equally Important As Love In Married Life

By Michelle L Published 12/19/2009 | Marriage

I donít know how many of you believe that love is the only thing that is important in married life, but let me assure you that while love is important there are many other things that are equally as important. One of the many important things that can keep two people together even when they have been married for a long time is sex. Letís face it, physical relationships are important no matter how much some people may not agree with it.

Apart from this, the next important thing between two married people is trust. There is no way a relationship can survive if two people do not trust each other. Can you imagine what kind of married life a couple will have if any one or both of them do not have trust for each other? I would say that this kind of relationship is doomed for disaster. This is the reason why you need to have faith and trust in your spouse. Do not feel insecure or suspicious when there is no real need for it. You should be aware that trust is a very fragile and once you damage this, it is gone forever. It is quite normal for people not to trust their partners when the other party has broken the trust. There are many ways you can break a trust and some of these ways are through disloyalty, dishonesty, carelessness and disregard.

After this, you should make sure that you can communicate effectively with your partner. Many couples tend to talk less with each other after they have been married for a long time and this is one of the reasons why things start to go wrong. In case you are unable to talk to your partner when there are problems between the two of you, then there is no way you can save your marriage. Another important thing that can keep a marriage alive is the chemistry between the couple. I am sure you have heard about Ďburning desireí before. Many people have this burning desire before they are married and after some time of being married, this desire simply gets lost somewhere. On the other hand, the good news is that you can still find this desire even when you have lost it. After all, if you had this desire between the two of you once then you can still get it back once gin when it gets lost.