Want To please A Man That You Like? Find Out What He Wants You to Wear

By Michelle L Published 12/20/2009 | Men

Have you ever thought about what men really wants you to wear? There are some women who do not care about what men wants them to wear because they want to wear the clothes that they like to wear. On the other hand, if you want to attract someone that you like then you should find out how he would like to dress yourself in. What’s more, you might just end up enjoying yourself in the clothes that men like women in.

First of all, let me tell you what men do not like women to wear. You see, no man likes to see women in oversized tee shirts because this kind of clothing simply does not look good on the female population. Do not wear sloppy tracksuits and any clothing that is way too big for you. While it is true that many men are attracted to women who are a natural beauty, this does not mean that you should never make use of make-up. When you go out, you should apply some make up on your face so that it will highlight your best features. There is no doubt that the person you like will not tell you anything about how bad or unattractive you look, but trust me when I say that he will notice and he will not be interested in you if he thinks of you this way. Thus, if you want to attract someone, you should first make an effort to make yourself appear to be attractive in his eyes.

So what does he want you to wear? The answer is simple. Think of the clothes that are completely opposite of what I have mentioned above. You should wear that clothes that are trendy and at the same time, the clothes that you buy and wear should be the kind of clothing that you will be comfortable wearing. Do not wear the clothes that you are not comfortable in because this will make you feel uncomfortable. You can think of wearing pencil skirts, satin and soft blouses, elegant dresses, stockings, etc. In very simple words, you should wear those clothes that will give you a good fit. You should also wear the right accessories as these will certainly complement your clothes. Last but not the least; keep in mind that men simply love women who wear heels.