Do You Like Animation Movies? Find Out Which Movies You Should Watch

By Michelle L Published 12/26/2009 | Movies

Is there any person in this world who dislikes watching a movie? Not many people dislike movies because watching them will refresh your mind after working in the office or studying for a long time. Of all the many movies that are made, many people especially like watching animation movies because they are out of ordinary and trust me when I say that children are not the only people who like watching them.

With the advancement in technology, it is no surprised that animation movies are being made more frequently than before and these movies are not just children but they are for adults as well. Many companies are making this kind of movie and some of these companies are Disney, Dream Works and Pixar. No one will deny the fact that animated movies were not very popular in the 1980s but with the creation of the little mermaid, animation movies came back with a bang. At present, you will find that different kinds of animation movies are being made for the viewers because these movies are very much in demand.

There are various kinds of animation movies that you can see and given below are some pf the movies that are think you will like:

  • Howl's Moving Castle: This is a great animation movie where the heroine’s character is extremely strong and the supporting characters are amazing too. You will be amazed by the visuals. The movie became popular when it released but even since it has been made available in DVDs, the demand and popularity of this animation movie has increased significantly.
  • Spirited Away: This is one other animation movie that I think you will like. This is the story of a girl who is learning to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an adult.
  •  Steam Boy: If you are looking for action in a movie then steam boy is the right movie for you. This movie is not as dark as another movie called ‘Akira’. It is actually like just any other movie for kids that talks about the nature of science. 

The viewers of animation movies is increasing all around the world and  even though the number of animation movies released is year is not as many as one expects, there is no doubt that animation is here to stay. The future of animation movies is very bright and it has scope for further development.