Want To Join The Music Industry? Here Are Some Great Careers To Consider

By Michelle L Published 12/27/2009 | Music

If you have always wanted to working the music industry but you know that you can never be the next big singer then you will be happy to know that there are many other careers inn the music industry that are available. These careers may even appeal to you, if you actually come to think about it. The pay is good and you will certainly be a part of the music biz when you choose any one of the careers given below.

  • Music Director: This is someone whose work involves working with symphony choir, orchestra or a musical group. He is someone who is responsible for programming, rehearsals and coordinating concerts. When you choose to become a music director, you will have to direct fund raising programs and you will also have to involve yourself in other activities. To become a music director, it is important that you have a Bachelors degree in music and you may also have to get a Masterís degree in this field.
  • Artist/Band Managers: These are people who make use of their creative ability to market the artists or groups that they are managing. These are the people who are in charge of building relationships with the important people in the music industry, planning tours, scheduling, negotiating the contract, etc. This is a full time position and you may need to have a degree in marketing, business or business administration if you wish to become an artist or band manager.
  • Sound Engineer: Another option available to you if you wish to work for the music biz is to work as a sound engineer for live events. Those who work as sound engineers generally have a mixed audio production, music and electrical engineering. Most importantly, you need to have the electrical know-how, charm and connections if you wish to work as a sound engineer.
  • University Professor of Music: You can also teach music to other people who you have the talent but you never went around pursing a career as an artist. To become a university professor of music, you will have to at the top of the music scene and attend seminars, learning programs and performances. You can earn good money from this profession, if you choose to become a professor of music.

These are some of the careers that you can consider if music is in your blood and you want to be a part of the music industry.