Do You Make Music? Get Copyright Ands Prevent Others From Stealing

By Michelle L Published 12/27/2009 | Music

Like anything else, any thing that you create or make can be stolen by other people and this includes music too. Until and unless you take necessary actions to prevent other people form stealing what you have made, you will always be at the risk of getting your work stolen. Thus, it is important that you get a copyright on your music. Prior to making your composition available to the general public, it is vital that you register your composition with the United States Copyright Office. You can then make the composition public through your website or by performing it in front of an audience.

It is true that you are legally not required to register your song but when you do it, you will be able to prove it that someone else has stolen your song, if a situation like this arises. When you find someone using your song without asking for your permission or paying royalty, then you can always take a legal action against this person. Of course, this is only possible when you get a copyright for your song by registering it with the United States Copyright Office.

When you get a copyright for your song, you will be able to:

  • Sing or perform the music in public.
  • Create derivative works from the music that you have created and registered.
  • Sell copies of the song.
  • Prevent other people fro using your music and calling it their own.

I donít know whether or not you are aware, but most of the songwriters give up the right of their songs to a music publisher, who is someone who carries out the work of issuing licenses, keep track of the sales and collecting the money that has been generated. The percentage of the income earned that will be given to the publisher generally depends on the music publisher. It has been noted that most new song composers usually have to give 50% of the right to the publisher.

You may not be aware but there are exceptions to copyright. For instance, if you are a songwriter and you get a copyright for your songs, then you are not in the position to choose the people who can record your songs. When you give the right to an individual to record your song, a compulsory license is then automatically granted to another individual who may want to record your song. Of course, they will have to pay for recording the song.