Perspex Print- A Stunning Way To Display An Image

By Zaithyn Galter Published 12/31/2009 | Hobbies
Perspex prints or the acrylic prints are the best way to display an image in any corner of your home.These prints often also referred to as acrylic printing' are vibrant replicas of an original photograph clicked with a digital camera.  In the modern usage, such acrylic prints are created through ink jet printing. According to the concept, the image should first be reversed and then placed on the reverse side of the acrylic. Finally, when it is hung, it makes the wall appear beautiful and outstanding. Perspex is the leading brand name for the acrylic prints. Acrylic is similar to glass but they are more vibrant.

Method of printing

The method of acrylic or perspex printing follows two methods. They are:

    Bonding method: In this method, the image gets printed on a photographic quality special clear vinyl in a reverse pattern. This is usually done at a high resolution. After that, it is sealed to the reverse side of the acrylic. Then the entire panel is passed under a heat press to ensure that the vinyl does not get removed easily. This method is far more better than an ordinary photographic print as it has more vibrant photographic colors.

    Direct printing method: This method involves lying the acrylic on a printer. The job of the printer is to run its head over the acrylic so that the image gets printed directly.  These printers can't print white colors so if there is any portion in the image which is white will become see through after the job is done. Due to this disadvanatge many companies does not prefer using this method.

    Fitting of the perspex or the acrylic print

Fitting an acrylic print is not a tough job. It is usually done in two parts. First, a screw is pushed into the brick or the wall through the hole running through the entire length of the barrrel.  After this is done, the perspex is held against the wall and the smaller part is screwed through the acrylic in the large barrel. The end result is that, the screws are not visible and the image stands out 1 inch from the wall.

Advantages of acrylic prints:

    The main advantage of acrylic print is that it can be placed anywhere, like  living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It is not necessary that such prints can be used only inside a house, they can be placed even outside. This is because such prints are done on a vinyl image with solvent based inks. This prevents the image from getting damaged easily when hung outside.  Herein lies the value of a good quality giclee print.

    Another advantage of acrylic print is the flexibility to print any type of image, either on acrylic or perspex.

    A 10mm piece of acrylic is the best choice as it gives a prism type effect from its side and can add  more depth to the image.

There are different type of acrylic or perspex prints and among them the cast perspex is of a superior quality and lasts longer.This gives the image an ultra clear look with added shine. Extruded acrylic should be avoided as they are not stable and easily gets wrapped over a certain period of time.

There are many companies which offer acrylic prints. However, it is always advisable to check whether the company uses the best method or not and whether they can provide superior quality cast perspex or not. Another important thing which you should consider while opting for giclee printing is to ask for a free trial. This would give you an idea about how the image will appear in the final make. There are many reputed companies which offer such facilities and it is better to choose one of such companies. This is because such companies come with a guarantee and there are less chances of the money going waste in case the image does not turn out as desired. After all, a well made giclee print makes for a priceless piece of art.

James Davenport was born in Sheffield, UK in 1974. He has studied photography, art history and philosophy. He has a keen interest in digital photography and most of his acquired knowledge has been self taught. He currently lives and works in Sheffield.