Judging Brochure Templates for Business Use

By Katie Marcus Published 01/17/2010 | Brochure and Postcard Printing
In business brochure printing, templates are a key tool to make the whole process easier. The problem though is that not all brochure templates are fit for business.

You cannot just choose from the various free ones in applications and over the Internet. You have to pick and screen each template to see if it is the ideal one for you. To help you in choosing what you need, here are five criteria that you can use to judge brochure templates for business.

• Ease of use – First, you should see if the template is easy to use. You can determine this from many factors, but the two main things you should look out for is the file format and customization.

- File format – The template must be in a file format you can use. Is it a text document file? An image file? A quark file? Be very careful with what you download so that you know you are getting the right one and not wasting your time. Also, do not try to convert the files into something else if you are not an expert. You will just be ruining it and it will just make things harder and longer for you.

- Customization – The design elements of the template should be easy to customize. You should be able to add your own content into the brochure instantly without having to move or change anything. Moreover, all other design elements should be easily moved so that you yourself can do what you like easily.

• Attractiveness – Next, we have attractiveness. Of course, you need a template that can be a good basis for an attractive brochure. If it has pre-set fonts and design elements it all should be attractive to your target market. So do not just pick things that are beautiful. Pick something that your readers should actually appreciate. Corporate brochures for example should have templates that are clean and professional looking while advertising brochures should be colorful and very “attention-grabbing”.

• Color Scheme – You should also mind the color scheme. Do not just use something that looks okay. It should have the colors that really represent the mood and nature of your content. If you are just delivering information, you can probably get away with black and white brochures. However, in advertising brochures it is good to have a color scheme that is perfect for the season. For example, Black and Orange is great for Halloween, Green and Red are good for Christmas and of course, Red and Pink are great for Valentine’s Day. Doing this should make your full color brochures more appealing.

• Image areas – It is also important that your template has appropriate image areas for your use. One big area should be reserved for your cover panel, while several smaller image areas should be within the inside panels. One or two small areas reserved for images should be fine. Since images are a vital part of brochure designs, you should really look out for this.

• Versatility – Finally, the template must be versatile. You should be able to use it for multiple projects and events. This means that the template should be easy enough to manipulate, changing text, and design elements with relative ease. In this regard, it is best NOT to use templates that are mere images. You will be better off with templates that are actual documents such as Text Documents, Photoshop PDD files or Quark files.

So remember these tips well. Use them when you look for new brochure templates for you to use. Good Luck!

Katie Marcus writes about the brochure printing technologies used in the production of business brochures.